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English Soccer (iOS/Android)

English Soccer (iOS/Android)

The perfect app in case you are a football (soccer) fan of the oldest and still the best football league in the world, Premier League (England), plus five more other leagues in England and three in Europe, where the top English teams play every year. 

The mobile apps for both Android and iOS are developed using Flutter, while the backend is used Firebase. For the API data, the SportMonks service is used. 

As a simple overview of how the app works, every minute the Firebase scheduled function pings the API service provider. If matches are found playing at that time, the database (Firebase Firestore) is updated through the schedule function. The Firestore service found in the clients’ mobile apps always listens for changes in the database and it updates immediately as soon as they are found, providing a great experience for the users.

iOS app:

Android app:

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