Advanced Features

All the following features are found inside our Premium Shopify Theme. The goal for each one of them is simple and well-defined. "To Increase Your Store's Conversion Rates (CVR)". Every single feature on the list is built-in within our Shopify Theme and they all are optimized for high performance. Say goodbye to tens of apps that slow down your store!


Multiple columns support for each menu item.

A proper navigation system is essential for any e-commerce store, especially if you have lots of products and as a result, many categories to show to your customers. This is when Megamenu came to the rescue. You can easily display lots of categories and child categories and help your customers quickly navigate your Shopify store.


Save products and add them later to the shopping cart.

With the Wishlist feature, you can allow your customers to save their preferred products without the need to add them to their shopping cart. The interesting part is that you do not need to log in first to save a product in the wishlist. All is done instantaneously through the customer's browser.

Show search results instantaneously as soon as you start typing.

With predictive search or live search as it's commonly named, you will dramatically increase your store's search result performance as your customers will see results as soon as they start typing, without the need to hit the search button. It is proven that is feature increases customer satisfaction which for you translates to better sales.

Advanced Animations

Animate content based on user scrolling/interactions

Shopping should be fun and not boring. That's why our Shopify Theme features an extensive number of custom advanced animations for almost any available part, especially for the homepage, which after all, is the most important page. Of course, you may change the animation style, or simply disable them if you do not prefer to animate your store. The choice is yours.

Currency Converter

Display a currency converter with IP detection mode.

Our currency converter feature is not boring. It does not simply switch between your store's currencies. Well, it does that as well, but what is interesting is that it can also detect your customers' IP address and offer them to switch their currency. It even has a filter mechanism, useful when your store has lots of enabled currencies.

Announcement bar

Advanced announcement bar with animations and countdown.

Our announcement bar is not boring, that's for sure. Through an animated countdown, you can impress a sense of urgency and push your shoppers to checkout now rather than later. Because, based on our observations, if your customer decides to buy later, in the majority of the cases, this will never happen.

Newsletter Pop-up

Offer visitors to subscribe to your mailing list by offering a coupon.

Increase your store's mailing list subscribers with our Newsletter pop-up feature. While the majority of store owners focus on getting new customers, we believe that interacting with your existing ones should be a top priority as well. As with our other advanced features, the Newsletter pop-up does not interrupt the user action.

Quick View

Quicky view the product without loading the page

This is one of the nicest features that can increase your store's usability. Your customers do not have to go back and forth to view your products but instead, they can quickly open them in preview mode. In this way, your customers will enjoy a faster browsing experience.

Reviews Integrated

Shopify's Reviews App integrated with the theme design.

Besides the official Shopify's Reviews app integrated, you will find support for two other major Shopify reviews apps, Loox and JudgeMe. It's nice to know that all you have to do is just install the app and everything will work as expected.

Show the required by law Cookie Consent banner.

This is a mandatory feature for every e-commerce store if they are selling their products to the European Union, as it is required by law that your website display a cookie notice to its visitors. What is interesting about this feature is that the cookie banner will be shown only in the required countries.