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NEW: KS BoldShop, Premium Shopify Theme released. Learn more

Only: $90.00

Impress your shoppers with our brand new IT BoldShop Premium Shopify Theme. Transition today your Shopify store from mediocre to professional and benefit from an amazing set of theme in-build features to increase conversion rates (CVR)

We at KondaSoft are happy to announce the release of our new Premium Shopify Theme, KS BoldShop. As you can see from looking at the Demo, IT BoldShop has all the prerequisites to fully transform your shopper’s experience from mediocre to awesome.

Through extreme attention to detail, in-build theme features like Product Bundles or Cart goals, or custom advanced animations, your store will look and feel not only amazing and beautiful but will convey your brand as professional and well-trusted, all while you enjoy increased sales.

As you can see from the listed “New features” below, which are not found on our previous Shopify Themes, you will notice that our focus for IT BoldShop was split between three major parts.

Homepage - Many improvements are made on the most important component for any store, the homepage. Almost all available homepage sections are improved and enhanced with advanced animations on scroll to give that “natural” feeling to your shop. Plus, new features like Animated Announcement Bar, Featured Collection Slider with support for multiple collections through tabs, or the Parallax content section are all available and ready for you to adjust your homepage exactly as you envision it to be.
Even that you probably will not use all available sections, it is always good to have alternatives and be able to alter your shop anytime you require so.

Collection pages - Through that, they rank third compared on importance (behind homepage and product pages), collection pages are still second on the shopper buying funnel, and we at KondaSoft, always find ways to further improves them.
For the IT BoldShop theme, we have completely revamped our Collection filter feature, giving it more flexibility to quickly and easily filter your collection products.
Also, we have added the new Ajax “sort by” products, which further increases user satisfaction as your shoppers now will not wait for a full page-load to view the updated product list.
Finally, the product list is fully using our new custom advanced animations on scroll, which of course you may change animation style from the theme options. And “finally, finally”, it is worth mentioning that we have also updated our infinite scroll feature. No more clicking on paginations on your store.

Product pages - This is where the “magic” happens. This is where your visitor became a customer, and we at KondaSoft give ulterior importance to all elements pertaining to this process.
Besides the previous features which are now standard on our Shopify themes, like the animated inventory bar, advanced image gallery, or the color swatches, for this Premium theme, we have “gone wild” and added some really advanced features, which for sure will increase your store conversion rates (CVR) and average order value (AOV).
The new Product Bundle section allows you to sell multiple bundled products at the same time (with discount), all through the Ajax add to cart interface. Also, the new Sticky Add to cart feature will for sure help your increase, even more, the conversion rates, especially on mobile when your product descriptions are long and the add to cart form is usually forgotten.

New to the IT BoldShop theme is the “Recently viewed products” section as well, which will display the latest viewed products. In fact, this feature is overlooked by most store owners but we believe that it increases the shopping experience by making it easier for your shoppers to quickly browse their preferred products.

As usual, exploring the Demo is always more enjoyable than reading lengthy and boring descriptions.

$500 worth of NEW features, all included within the theme:

  • Animated announcement bar with countdown (Value: $19)
  • Currency converter with customer IP detection (Value: $29)
  • Full-screen carousel with lazyload images (Value: $29)
  • Featured collection with slider and tabs support (Value: $39)
  • Featured content section with parallax effect (Value: $19)
  • Brands (logos) infinite slider (Value: $19)
  • New Instagram section with a modal window (Value: $19)
  • Enhanced search, wishlist & cart modals (Value: $29)
  • Enhanced Testimonials section with slider support (Value: $19)
  • Advanced custom animations on scroll (Value: $29)
  • Enhanced collection filter on collection pages (Value: $29
  • Ajax sort by-products in collection pages (Value: $9)
  • Sticky add to cart in product pages to increase conversions. (Value: $19)
  • Size guide modal in product pages (Value: $29)
  • Sell multiple products at once with Product Bundles (Value: $39)
  • Recently viewed products with slider support (Value: $19)
  • Cart Goals to increase Average Order Value (A.O.V) (Value: $29)
  • Updates Wishlist feature to increase user retention (Value: $39)
  • Sticky Newsletter Pop-up form (Value: $19)
  • Cookie consent bar with IP detection (Value: $9)

Highlighted features:

  • Premium Quality Shopify Theme
  • Powered by Bootstrap framework (v4.5)
  • Developed respecting Shopify themes requirements
  • All elements are fully accessible with aria attributes
  • Support for native image lazy-loading
  • Page speed score 98/100 Check results
  • All Shopify templates (cart, product, etc) have their own settings
  • Wishlist feature
  • Predictive Search (Learn more)
  • Quick view mode
  • Megamenu
  • Minicart
  • Add to cart via ajax
  • Product filters
  • Infinite scroll on collection pages
  • Powerful product image gallery
  • Shopify reviews app fully integrated
  • Instagram latest posts
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