KS GiftShop

KS GiftShop

Our goal at KondaSoft is to deliver a brand new Shopify Premium Theme every month, developed with the latest web standards, all with the main objective to help your Shopify store reach its maximum peak.

For November 2021, we are happy to announce our new Premium Shopify Theme, KS GiftShop, which is powered by the latest Bootstrap framework, v5. As the name suggests, the scope for this theme are gift products, but as you can see from the Demo, you can easily use it for any type of project that you or your client have.

Like all our Shopify themes, KS GiftShop takes no compromise in page speed. As soon as you don't overload your Shopify store with dozens of apps (which you should not do in any case), your store will have a blazing-fast loading time (<1sec), and you can be sure that Google Search crawl will love it.

On the other hand, it is important to note that our Shopify theme is ready for "Shopify Online Store 2.0", meaning that you will enjoy the latest new features from Shopify, like sections everywhere, products filter system, meta-fields, and much more. 

We know that you don't want to read long and boring product descriptions. So, make sure to amaze your self by browsing our Demo

Some of the features:

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