About us

OUR MISSION: To increase our client stores conversion rates (CVR), to at least 2%.

Welcome to KondaSoft, a software company with 15+ years experience in providing Premium and Free Ecommerce Themes that are developed with all the necessary features to increase your store's conversion rates (CVR).

Previously, we have designed dozens of E-commerce Themes for other CMS's like Joomla and WordPress but as soon as we got our hands in Shopify, we couldn't resist the simplicity and elegance and how easy it was to build an E-commerce store without having to install anything on your server.

On the other hand we have built many mobile and web apps using technologies like Flutter and VueJS. You may check my mobile apps collection through the respective plaforms for iOS or Android

Take the time to browse our Shopify Theme, checkout the Advanced Features that we provide along with the premium version or simply download the free Shopify theme version to get started as soon as now. 

Our goal is to provide a Shopify Theme which is simple to use, easy to customize, yet awesome for your users. We really believe that our Shopify Theme has the power to transform your ecommerce store from mediocre to awesome and to increase your conversion rates in the process. 

In case you have any questions, feel free to reach us via the Live Chat box on the bottom right of any page, simply send us an email through our Contact us form

Lastly, we would like to popular quote which summarises our way of thinking:

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

~ Confucius

Meet the team

We might be different but we share the same vision...
"To help your Shopify store reach its full potential."

Alvin Konda

Lead Developer

"I dream about better solutions to complex problems."

Emilida Konda

Lead Sales

"I like talking to entrepreneurs just like you"

Alisa Konda

Lead Accounting

"I trust only numbers and verified data"

E-commerce themes since 2008

More than a decade in providing the very best e-commerce themes.

February 2008

First Theme Released

It seems like yesterday but more than 13 years have passed since we have released our first official premium theme. In fact, our first themes were developed only for the Joomla CMS. Shopify was just 1 year old.

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April 2008

First Ecommerce Theme Released

After the successful release of our first themes, mostly for multipurpose, we delivered to our customers our first e-commerce theme, TheStore, which was built for the Virtuemart component.

December 2011

10k Customers Joined Our Club

During that time, we were keeping our promise to deliver a new theme each month. Through that the majority of them were multipurpose, we manage to developed a couple of premium e-commerce themes as well.

May 2015

We Sold Our Theme Business

This was a major turning point for us. After delivering more than 100 premium themes to our customers, we decided to shift our focus elsewhere (mobile apps) and we sold our business.

June 2016

Our First Mobile App Was Released

After gaining some experience with mobile development, we released our first mobile app, available for both Android and iOS. In fact, our current plan it to release a mobile app for your Shopify store as well.

October 2019

BootShop, Our First Free Shopify Theme

Within a first look into Shopify, we just fell in love with this awesome platform. Having build something like a hundred e-commerce themes, developing a theme for Shopify was such pure joy.

September 2020

BoldShop, Premium Shopify Theme Released

This Shopify theme was not just another theme. Beside blazing-fast loading times, it featured tons of advanced features, all focused to increase your conversion rates (CVR) and average order value (AOV)

April 2021

KondaSoft.com Is Our New Home

As an entrepreneur yourself, you already know that marketing your products it's as important as the product itself. That's why we rebranded with a new name for our theme business. Do you like this name?!